Draft Rove’s Son!

This silly spiel from Bill Robinson at the Huffington Post might be part of a potent argument — if there were a draft in place:

“If you Google “Draft Andrew Rove” you get nothing. Your search “did not match any documents.” I’d like to know why. And, yes, I realize even asking this question may get my passport revoked.

Our president calls Karl Rove his “architect.” The powers that be genuflect to him in a way unprecedented. But if this genius has had anything to do with the defining act of the Bush II administration, surely he is, as they say, “in it… to win it.” Well I say, if you wanna surge baby, put your money where your mouth is. Send your son.

…Maybe Karl doesn’t want to risk losing another family member. It’s understandable. His mother killed herself, his gay father left the family. Maybe he wants Andrew to follow his own example: In December 1969, Karl’s number was drawn for the Vietnam War draft. Yet, on February 17, 1970, he was deferred because he enrolled at the University of Utah. Even though he quickly withdrew from classes, he maintained the deferment until Dec. 14, 1971. Maybe it all runs in the family.”

Among other things, making note of the fact that Rove’s mother killed herself? Exceptionally nasty and crude. The whole argument? It doesn’t even qualify as ignorant. It’s just stupid. Nobody in this country is drafted anymore and fathers aren’t the ones who sign their kids up for the military.


Newsflash, Genius: We have a volunteer military and everyone who signed up knew that he/she might be sent off to war. That’s the whole purpose of the military and complaining about it is like complaining about police who are forced to arrest dangerous criminals or firemen who are forced to fight fires. That’s their job. Yes, it’s terrible that our soldiers are getting killed fighting in Iraq and it’s an enormous burden on their friends and family, but that’s what war is like. Some of the good guys get killed.

But, despite the number of troops we’ve lost and how down the American people are on the war, 54% of people in uniform approve of Bush’s handling of the war. This may be the only war in American history where the people who are geting shot at every day have a higher level of morale than the people who are sitting at home benefitting from their efforts.

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