The Daily Kos 2008 Straw Poll + John Edwards?

The Daily Kos has put together a 2008 Straw poll and here are the current results:

John Edwards: 37%
Barrack Obama: 27%
Wesley Clark: 17%
Bill Richardson: 5%
Hillary Clinton: 3%
Dennis Kucinich: 3%

Amusingly, at the moment, Hillary Clinton is only two votes ahead of Dennis Kucinich. Heh.

PS: What exactly is supposed to be so appealing about John Edwards? He’s a prissy trial lawyer who only served one term in the Senate, he added zero to the Democratic ticket in 2004, and he hasn’t shown that he can deliver any Southern states. Yeah, he has a little bit of charisma, he’s pretty, and he’s anti-war, but he’s also an incredible lightweight. I mean, who would trust John Edwards to handle a foreign policy crisis? The guy looks like he’d cry if someone reached over and mussed up his hair.

Update #1: Bonus — they’ve got a little straw poll going over at the Democratic Underground, too. Here are the results (there are a lot less votes at this point though):

Wesley Clark: 33%
John Edwards: 18%
Al Gore: 16%
Dennis Kucinich: 11%
Barrack Obama: 10%
John Kerry: 7%
Hillary Clinton: 3%

Wow, is Hillary unpopular. But, Barrack isn’t getting that much respect either. 10%? Well, the DU is pretty white and Barrack is a black man. It’s not really a big surprise that so many white liberals aren’t voting for a black candidate. (Heh. I am going to really enjoy saying things like that for the next year or so.)

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