Dusty Baker Worried About President’s Africa Trip

Dusty Baker Worried About President’s Africa Trip By Scott Ott: Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker said he’s concerned that U.S. President George Bush’s pale skin pigment might cause problems for him during his current tour of African nations.

“He should have sent Colin Powell or Condi Rice,” said Mr. Baker, whose recent comments about the superior ability of Blacks to withstand heat have earned him the respect of diversity advocates nationwide. The baseball skipper has now expanded his teaching on the value of epidermal pigmentation.

“Historically, whites prefer cold regions because their pale skin provides better camouflage against the snow,” said Mr. Baker. “But Mr. Bush is going to stick out like a sore thumb over in Botswana. To a lion or a cheetah, our commander in chief looks like a big piece of white meat on Thanksgiving.”

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