I Stand Corrected, This Is The Worst Forum Thread Ever

I Stand Corrected, This Is The Worst Forum Thread Ever: The first ACPOTI articles I ever did was called, “The Most Idiotic Commentary Ever. But that one isn’t even in the same ball park as these comments that I found at a website called “Osama Bin Laden — Messenger Of Peace, Prophet Of Change“. You just have to read them to believe them. Here are all 7 posts from the thread called “kill the enemy“…

redvenom: The only enemy is jew people. Fight them and we are the masters

Ravus: What about the Christians? The liberals? The feminists? The capitilists? This is one of the most over-simplified statements I’ve ever seen, and completely false. Kill the Jews and you still have many other groups to take their place.

Gein: What we need is another holocaust, not just a Jewish holocaust, but also a Christian, Muslim, liberal, feminist, capitalist holocaust. First you would have to get past all of the anti-racists and stupid political parties. Instead of that, you’d have to go over all of their heads. At first even the most liberal people would want the Jews being killed, as if it were their own idea. Until we started killing them…

RejectHumanity: The Jews need to get the f*ck out of the West Bank. The f*cking US need to get the f*ck out of every other f*cking country they occupy. And Tony F*cking Blair needs to be a f*cking man and stop letting George Bush use the UK as a f*cking backup whenever he wants. This will never happen though, because Israel practically runs the US Government and thus runs most of the “free” world.

The only credible option is acts of unspeakable terror, en masse.

Hail Misery!

hateplough: Kill the english…. then were all ok!

(I am going to kill George W. Bush, President of the United States of America, as my final act on this earth. – Hateplough)

Hannibal88: quote:

Originally posted by RejectHumanity:
The only credible option is acts of unspeakable terror, en masse.!

Now you’re talking. Ovens for everyone!

tod: Massive gassing of Jews and Christians will not only eliminate many problems but suggest a forcible separation of the cultures/races.


Hat tip to RWN reader Chris Talbot for pointing this website out.

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