Early Results: No NedMentum!

The first poll from CT., after the Democratic primary, is out and it seems that Lamont doesn’t have quite enough NedMentum:

“Just released by Rasmussen (behind the subscription wall), in a three way race, Lieberman (I) leads Lamont (D) 46-41. Schlesinger has 6.”

On the one hand, I thought Lieberman would have a bigger lead right out of the blocks. On the other hand, Lamont is undoubtedly getting a little bit of a “winner’s bounce” after beating Joe in the primaries and so Joe’s margin will probably expand a bit once people see that he’s ahead. Also, if and when Schlesinger drops out, you have to figure that 6% will probably move over to Joe, rather than Lamont.

So, for the moment, Joe seems to be in a pretty good spot.

Hmmm…there’s an old, old song this brings to mind. What is it called? Oh yeah, I remember — Who’s Sorry Now:

…Right to the end, just like a friend,
I tried to warn you, somehow,
You had your way, now you must pay,
We’re glad that you’re sorry now.

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