What Democrats Are Saying Behind The Scenes About Kos & Lamont’s Win

The Democrats — for the most part — are trying to put up a stoic front about Joe Lieberman’s loss, as much as anything, so that they don’t offend Kos and his pals in the liberal blogosphere. But, as you can imagine, there’s probably a lot of grumbling behind the scenes about Ned Lamont’s victory and Kos.

Enter Stacey Tallitsch, who’s running for Congress and trying to curry favor with the Kos crowd. In a diary at the Daily Kos, Tallitsch brags that his staff has created a petition to “encourage the Party Leadership to remove Lieberman from his committee positions.”

But, that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is an email that Tallitsch published from Robert Bunn, whom Tallitsch describes as a Democratic consultant, “within the DNC itself.” Here’s part of Bunn’s email, which probably reflects the private thinking of a lot of DC Democrats these days:

“…Lieberman has voted with the Party 92.6% of the time. Thats more often than any single other person setting themselves up to run for the Dem Nomination in 08. He is one of the very few Incumbants that has managed to stay on the side of Harry Reid, supporting him on every issue regardless of how pointless it would end up being.. or how obvious the pointlessness of the arguement was to start with.

Joe has towed the line.. and towed it like a lemming.. and we reward him by allowing KOS and the Net-Ultra left to beat him over a SINGLE ISSUE. A SINGLE ISSUE!

This defeat for him wasn’t about his being connected to his constutients. It wasn’t about his commentary on policy. His support for Reid. His Support for John Conyers. His Support for Hillary the insane. Or his dynamic defense on many fronts of Nancy Pelosi’s right to be Minority leader. He lost on National DEFENSE.. WHICH IS NOT EVEN OUR MESSAGE OR OUR FRAME! He was beaten by Republican propaganda and the lunatic net-left that now think they are KING MAKERS!

…Your running for Congress in the Red South Pandering to D.F.A. members who have already written you off. Koss the kingmaker himself just stated on his Blog within the last week ” We do not need a single southern state to win in 08″. I’m one of the few DNC consulants still in the south trying to win rurally. Trust me when I say, ” Your barking up the wrong tree.”

Robert Bunn Proud Member of: Moveon.org, Progressive Democrats of America Ally, League of Conservation Voters”

He doesn’t sound so happy with Kos and the lefty bloggers, does he? What was that he called them, the, “lunatic net-left?” As an aside, you also have to love the, “Hillary the insane,” line.

In any case, it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if there are Democrats all over Washington saying exactly the same thing as Bunn and, perhaps, secretly hoping that Joe pulls off a victory if only to humiliate Kos and Company.

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