Mid-August 2006 Estimates On The November Election Results

Don’t hold me to this because it’s still very early and there isn’t enough polling data out yet, but, at the moment, after taking a hard look at how the individual races are shaping up around the country, I see the GOP losing:

3 To 5 Senate Seats: The Dems would probably need to have everything break their way, which is far from certain, and win the Corker (R) vs. Ford (D) race to take back the Senate.

5 to 9 House Seats: At the moment, the Dems don’t seem to have enough good pick-up opportunities to get the 15 seats they need to take back the House.

Unfortunately, the question right now doesn’t appear to be whether the GOP is going to lose ground in November or not, it’s whether we can contain the damage.

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