Ebay Auction: Michael Moore’s Relevance For Sale

Hey guys, look what’s for sale on eBay: it’s Michael Moore’s Relevance! Currently it’s at a low, low, price of $151.50 (+ $5 shipping) so get it while it’s hot! Here are the details…

“After the Kerry/Edwards election failure tuesday, Michael Moore’s relevance is one of the rarest items available on E-Bay today. This auction is for whatever relevance Mr. Moore has seven days from now. I do not anticipate there will be much left, but there just might be enough to give to the highest bidder. I am positive that once his relevance is gone seven days from now there will be no more to be found anywhere, at any price. Good Luck in your bidding……….”

Hat tip to Henry Hanks from Croooow Blog for sending me the link.

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