Guess Who’s Back, Back, Back, Back Again? The Democratic Underground’s Back, Back, Back, Back Again!

Hey, they’ve lifted the ban at the DU that kept people who were weren’t registered members from reading the forums and I was right back in there. Know why? Because the left is never loonier than after a huge defeat and I just couldn’t wait to see what they had to say. Here are just a few of the posts that jumped out at me……enjoy!

DuaneBidoux: “America to World: F*ck Yourself. Let’s get the meme out: Boycott American. Corporations. Pass on the Fords, GMs, Coca Cola. When businesses hurt abroad they will begin telling Bush his policy of being world asshole is bad for busines.

Buy German products, French products, countries that kept their sanity while Bush pushed this war through. Bush has been bringing this economy to it’s knees for four years. Let’s give it a last little push. With his f*cked up economic policies it’s inevitable anyway…let’s just make sure it doesn’t get pushed into the next administration. WE NEED TO DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO MAKE SURE IT IS THIS SOB THAT SLEEPS IN HIS OWN PILE OF SHIT.

If you listened to the right wing this morning you know the score: they want revolution. F*ck this sh*t. This is war.”

woody b: “Dear friends from Ohio,

your vote was stolen. I’m not living in Ohio, not even in the US. But apart from the output of the vote machines, nothing points to the possibility that Bush achieved more votes than Kerry. Neither Zogby’s predictions, nor the exit polls, nor the huge queues in front of the electoral places.

You’re no the only ones whose vote was stolen, but it’s the easiest state to prove it. Your own experience, together with a statistical analysis of the data, could make the case for voter fraud.

The world will most grateful you if you start a calm revolution by gathering evidence that a lot more people voted for Kerry than for Bush.”

Q3JR4: “A call to action. Or, COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! Your votes didn’t count. If you live in Ohio, Colorado, Florida, they didn’t count. Bush stole the election….AGAIN. With the level of voter disenfranchisement, intimidation, and Diebold trickery going on, you think that more people here would see that.


They stole the election and probably have a special place in hell reserved for them for that, I’m telling you now, complacent Dems will be joining them! You may as well just hand the government to them on a silver platter again and again, because–baring a change in the way we count our votes–we’ll NEVER have another majority in ANY branch of this government again!

I just can’t believe that no one else is pissed off about it!

I mean, come on! I’m in IDAHO, a red state, and I’m ready to do something about it.

I can understand if there are a lot of pacifists here, and that’s good. They can accomplish a lot. We don’t need to get violent to create change (or sway public opinion), but we have to do SOMETHING!

We can’t let them get away with it this time, or next time we’re effectively screwed.

Come on people! What are we waiting for? Pick the call up and pass it along alread!”

PhuLoi: “Secession may be the last option to save the Constitution. Given the unbridgable chasm that has opened between the Blue states and the Red states, I feel that secession should be seriously considered. Blue states are no longer duly represented, votes are not being counted whereas computer created votes seem to be counted.

The basic tenants of the Constitution are endangered and we of the Blue states seem powerless to defend them. Let us then consider divorcing ourselves from this abusive relationship and reorganize under the Constituion, as it was intended, leaving the Red states to wallow in their own filth.

fdr_hst_fan: “Thanks to the inbred, redneck, Bible-besotted Solid South, we’re saddled with the village idiot and his Nazi followers for another four years.

The next time the South wants to cecede, I say “Let ’em!” Who needs ’em? In fact, to facilitate matters, we should help them pack! And once they’re finally GONE from the Union, we should construct a wall, not unlike the Berlin Wall, to keep them out! I guarantee, after three to five years, they’ll come back on bended knee, BEGGING for re-admission to the Union. Then we’ll be able to call the tune from that point on!

That’s the error Lincoln and Andrew Johnson made: they wanted to be “conciliatory” to the Confederacy. Horse hockey! They STARTED that war; they didn’t DESERVE any consideration! They didn’t stop to consider their actions at Fort Sumter, did they?”

Liberal_Andy: “I stopped flying the flag today. I’ve flown the US flag every sunny day (I’m on my third one)since 9/11. I just can’t do it anymore. Maybe on 7/4. We’ll see.”

Mountainman: “I hate America Did you hear that freeps? Several months ago, when ever I saw or heard a wingnut ask a liberal “why do you hate America?” I got pissed. The question didn’t deserve an answer.

But today I can freely say that I hate America. I hate Bush’s America and after this election I guess all of America will be Bush’s America. So until people rise up and throw him and the conservatives out of power (There is no doubt in my mind that someday they will be out of power) I hate America.

I’m also sure I’m going to hear the 60’s chant of “love or leave it.” My response back in the 60’s was “love it and fix it.”

Now I guess I would say “hate it and fix it” sort of like when my wife says she hates her hair. To me she is saying that she’s tired of the way it is and she’s going to do something about it. That’s what I mean about “hate it and fix it.”

What I’m going to do is to get together with like minded people and make little pieces of America that we can love and hopefully those little pieces will grow and connect until we can love all America again.”

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