I laughed out loud when a friend on the Hill sent me this news clip.

Apparently, there’s a new excuse to get liberals into therapy: they need to be screened for “eco-anxiety.”

A quick description-

Melissa Pickett, an eco-therapist with a practice in Santa Fe, sees anywhere from 40 to 80 eco-anxious patients a month. They complain of panic attacks, loss of appetite, irritability and unexplained bouts of weakness, sleeplessness and “buzzing,” which they describe as the eerie feeling that their cells are twitching. Pickett’s remedies include telling patients to carry natural objects, like certain minerals, for a period of weeks. Making environmentally friendly lifestyle changes can also prove therapeutic, she said.

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I fully support heavily medicating those who believe they may suffer from “eco-anxiety,” but I suspect if the trend continued the greenies would soon start lobbying Congress for a line-item grant to subsidize their treatment.

Amanda B. Carpenter is Assistant Editor/Congressional Correspondent at Human Events and author of the Vast-Right Wing Conspiracy’s Dossier on Hillary Clinton. Read the rest of her articles here.

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