Eight Little Thoughts I’m Having After the Elections

Republicans will make a move to repeal ObamaCare, and Obama is going to make some wonderful, awesome speeches about how this is not the right way to go, that we have to keep the law in place because it’s going to make life easier for us any week now. You know, I don’t think I’ve felt as sorry for any White House speechwriter as the guy who’s going to put these together. The New York Times will love whatever it is, but…just wow. How would you even get started?

We need to be thinking and talking about extending the Bush tax cuts. The party-of-more-and-bigger-taxes is in charge of the White House and the Senate, but this one might actually go through if it’s timed right. Only a month and a half left to the year, you know.

People who say “got to raise taxes, the money won’t come from anywhere else” — I get that. Disagree with it, it strikes me as living life on a merry-go-round, but at least I understand. What I do not understand is people who are enthusiastic about this. What is this widespread, feverish, rock-star-like appeal of higher taxes?

It must be easier to be an atheist when you’re a vegetarian. Imagine how silly it would be, if we were surrounded by Tribbles who were made of marshmallow and chocolate with a yummy caramel center, to say “they’re just like that because they evolved that way.” To a meat-eater gnawing on chicken wings on a rainy Sunday morning, this is what atheists sound like. Cook the animal’s flesh over flame and it turns into a delicious snack, you’re saying that was not part of a design? It certainly isn’t survival-of-the-fittest to have yummy flesh on your bones that tastes good with a dry rub.

We need a “Barney Frank” law. I’ve been listening to the President drone on for years about “The Folks Who Caused This Mess in the First Place” — well, there he sits. And Massachussetts might like him just fine, but it seems to me the nation as a whole has an interest in preventing more screw-ups like Fannie & Freddie.

I also don’t get people who are upset at the Tea Party folks, saying even more Republicans would have been elected on Tuesday if the movement had less influence. So you like the name “Republican” but object to fiscal discipline, and the idea of the next generations being able to earn and keep money? What exactly is it you want to see happen? Is it just that eighteenth letter that enthralls and enthuses you?

If you voted for Barack Obama two years ago I really don’t know how you can claim to know who’s “qualified.” How could you possibly think you’ve got what it takes to see this in people? You’re probably an excellent reverse-divining-rod for who’s “qualified.”

Speaking of which, two years after we elected a President mostly because Katie Couric successfully smeared someone from the other side, it’s time to say it: Katie Couric stinks on ice at picking our presidents. She’s even worse at that than she is at her real job.

Cross-posted at House of Eratosthenes and Washington Rebel.

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