Ellen Degenerate Does Her Part

In today’s entertainment news, actress Ellen DeGeneres has taken advantage of the insanity in California to get married, sort of, to another woman. USA Today’s account is surreal:

Add another celebrity wedding to the books for summer 2008.

Ellen DeGeneres married longtime actress girlfriend Portia de Rossi at their home Saturday night in Los Angeles.

The newlyweds wore ensembles by Zac Posen and traded rings by Neil Lane, People.com reports. De Rossi, 35, had on a backless, light pink dress and her hair pulled up loosely, and DeGeneres, 50, wore white pants, a button-up shirt and a vest, reports Usmagazine.com. […]

Do the couple want children?

“It depends when you ask us,” de Rossi told USA TODAY in November. “A few months ago, we were thinking about it. I wouldn’t want to say never, but at this point, it’s not something I think we’re going to do.”

Did I mention that Degenerate and her “actress girlfriend” are both members of the same sex?

In related news, Britain has been named the worst country in the Western world in which to be a child. Theodore Dalrymple details how this distinction was achieved through the moonbattery-induced disintegration of the traditional family. With support from Hollyweird, America is doing its best to catch up.

Ellen Degenerate gives her actress girlfriend a squeeze.

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