The Final Quick And Dirty Rundown On Obama’s VP Short List

Supposedly, Obama is going to announce his VP selection this week. That seems entirely possible and with that in mind, here’s a very quick, very dirty rundown on the names that are being floated,

Joe Biden: Gaffe prone, but has foreign policy experience, is underrated as a speaker, and would be a reassuring old hand.

Evan Bayh: He’d be a solid pick because he’s moderate, but the netroots really hates his guts for that same reason. Unless Obama really likes him, he’ll probably steer clear.

Tim Kaine: Too wet behind the ears. Given how Obama’s inexperience has turned into such a big issue, it’s hard to see his doubling down on the problem by taking Kaine, even if it did result in his carrying Virginia.

Kathleen Sebelius: She has the same problem with experience as Tim Kaine. Her name is probably just being floated to woo female voters who are still crabby about how Hillary was treated.

Bill Richardson: His name is probably being floated to woo Hispanics. It would be a big surprise if Obama chooses him.

Sam Nunn: He’s the best guy Obama could take — a solid A pick who has the moderate credentials, foreign policy experience, and gravitas that Obama lacks. So, bet against Nunn. The really exciting guys almost never actually end up making it on the ticket.

John Kerry: He’s well known, is an old hand, and has military experience; so they may believe people would feel better about the ticket with Kerry around to give Bambi advice. However, Kerry is also very liberal and doubles down on Obama’s flip-flop problem. That hurts his chances.

Hillary Clinton: Obama takes her only if he thinks she will spell the difference between defeat and victory. Otherwise, no way in hell does he choose her.

Of course, Obama could surprise everyone by taking someone completely out of left-field — it does happen. Moreover, it’s extremely difficult to guess who the VP will be beforehand, but, if I absolutely had to guess, I’d say Biden and Bayh are the two most likely choices with, believe it or not, Kerry in 3rd place.

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