Email From A Reader: Would You Vote For Satan If He Ran As A Republican?

RWN reader Kevin Hambidge writes,

“Dear Mr. Hawkins:

I think that if the devil himself came up from hell and ran for office as a republican, you would vote for him. Why? Cause he’s republican d@mmit!”

Kevin’s email reminds me of a comment made by a friend of a friend that was passed on to me via ICQ. My friend told me the person in question read a few articles on RWN and then concluded, “That page is biased against liberals!”

Yes, it is true that I’m biased against liberals and that I think people should vote straight ticket Republican (with rare exceptions) at least from the level of governor on up.

Now why do I say that? Why is it that I won’t just pick the “best man for the job” no matter what their party is? Well there are three important things to keep in mind…

1) I’m a conservative and I’m almost always going to favor the most conservative candidate who can actually win the election. Since the Republican candidate is going to be the person who fits that description 99 times out of a 100, that means I’m going to be pulling for the GOP candidate in nearly every circumstance.

2) On the rare occasions where you have a really likable Democrat running, a Sam Nunn, Zell Miller, or Scoop Jackson, you still have to consider that they’re held captive to their parties at least to a certain extent. By that, I mean that because of arm twisting, out of party loyalty, or just to appeal to their left-wing constituents, they’re going to veer left on a certain number of issues that a Republican would have held out on.

3) Last but not least, in the Senate and House, the GOP has a very small edge. If it were 70-30 in the Senate, sure, maybe it would be a bit easier to be ambivalent about a couple of conservative Democrats sneaking in. But, when the numbers are tight you simply don’t have that luxury.

The only exception to what I’ve said about is when it comes to Republicans in name only (RINOS) in races the GOP doesn’t have to take. For example, I would have preferred to lose with McClintock than win with Arnold In California and I would much rather see a Democrat as a mayor of New York City than liberal Republican Michael Bloomberg.

Now why would I rather RINOS be kept out of office? Two reasons.

Keeping conservative politicians from straying to the middle in an effort to win votes at the expense of doing what’s right for the country can be a difficult task. So torpedoing RINOS lets Republican pols know that they better not drift too far across the aisle if they want to hold on to their base.

Secondly, I’m convinced that the biggest reason that the American public is sick of politics is because they think politicians will say anything to get elected. Sure Republicans and Democrats may sound very different on the campaign trail, but once they get into office they too often turn into Demlicans and Republicrats and voters feel betrayed. So RINOS like Arnold, Bloomberg, Orrin Hatch, Olympia Snowe, John McCain, etc, etc, muddle the message, confuse voters, and make people more cynical about politics in general and the GOP in particular.

So yes, I am a going to be supporting just about whoever takes the GOP nomination for any major political office. But the devil? I couldn’t pull the lever for him. Besides, given that old Scratch to be tough enough to handle foreign policy, would be in favor of a woman’s right to choose to off her kids via abortion, and could be counted on to infuriate people the left loathes like Bill Bennett, Ralph Reed, & David Limbaugh, I’m sure the Prince of Lies would more likely to run as a Democrat anyway.

PS: I’m just kidding all of you Democrats. Obviously, you wouldn’t have the devil himself as a nominee….well, unless he could convince Hillary to run as his VP. Kidding, I’m kidding again!! Obviously Satan would run on the Communist Party ticket if he ran at all…

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