Envy & Anti-Americanism

Charles Krauthammer nails what anti-Americanism is all about at the end of this brilliant editorial entitled, “To Hell With Sympathy”…

“The fact is that the world hates us for our wealth, our success, our power. They hate us into incoherence. The Europeans, Ajami astutely observes, disdain us for our excessive religiosity (manifest, they imagine, by evolution being expelled from schools while prayer is ushered back in)–while the Arab world despises us as purveyors of secularism. We cannot win for losing. We are widely reviled as enemies of Islam, yet in the 1990s we engaged three times in combat — in the Persian Gulf and in the Balkans — to rescue Kuwait, Bosnia and Kosovo, Muslim peoples all. And in the last two cases, there was nothing in it for the U.S.; it was humanitarianism and good international citizenship of the highest order.

The search for logic in anti-Americanism is fruitless. It is in the air the world breathes. Its roots are envy and self-loathing — by peoples who, yearning for modernity but having failed at it, find their one satisfaction in despising modernity’s great exemplar.

On Sept. 11, they gave it a rest for a day. Big deal.”

You want to know what anti-Americanism is for most people?

It’s a Saudi oilman who lives in a mansion paid for with American money, who sends his sons to college in America, who was spared from becoming an Iraqi subject in the Gulf War because of our country, who hates us so much that he gives money to Al-Qaeda.

It’s a Liberian eating food paid for by Americans, whose son is being treated for AIDS w/ drugs paid for by America, who is alive because America helped push Charles Taylor out of power, who tells his wife every day what a lousy country America is.

It’s a German schoolteacher who vacations in America, who watches American movies, who was defended from the Soviets by America and then later met an Eastern German cousin she never knew because Reagan won the Cold War, who sneers at America in front of the kids she teaches every day.

These people are no different than the 17 year-old girls who hate the most popular girl in school, an uncle who gets all bent out of shape at what some rich guy does with his money, or even your friend who can’t help but rant about how much he hates Britney Spears every time you mention her name.

You want to make them stop hating America? That’s easy; all we have to do is fail, crash, burn, and preferably have our noses rubbed in it to boot. Then once America became another Belgium or Brazil, all of these petty people would stop hating us. But as long as America continues to be an economic powerhouse, a military juggernaut, & the world’s only super power, we’re just going to have to get used to people disliking us because it comes with the territory. So as far as I’m concerned, let ‘em stew in their own hatred until they get tired of it or die of old age, whichever comes first.

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