End Of Year Lists

Here are a few “best of 2004 lists” that I ran across and decided to compile for your reading enjoyment…

100 Things We Didn’t Know This Time Last Year
The 2nd Annual 10 Worst Quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2004
The 3rd Annual Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States: The 2004 Edition
The Best And Worst Of 2004 According To John Ellis
Best And Worst Of Blogistan 2004!
Dumb and Dumber: The 2004 Knucklehead Awards
Funniest Political Quotes For 2004
Five Sports Overachievers And Five Sports Underachievers From 2004
The Lycos Top 100 Search Terms Of 2004
Most Disappointing Movies of 2004
Top 20 Gaming Lows of 2004
Sex, Dogs And Chickens – Weird Headlines Of 2004
Star’s Most Annoying Person Of 2004
Stupidest Crimes and Misdemeanors of 2004
The Third Annual Warblogger Awards For 2004
The Top 25 Oddest Stories Of 2004
The Top Darwin Awards Of 2004
Winning Quotes In MRC’s Annual Awards For The Worst Reporting

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