Al Maghrib Community Forums: Christians Cause Tsunamis By Robert Spencer

Jeff Lastname has pointed out to me that some of the folks at the Al Maghrib Forums, an American Muslim bulletin board, are convinced that natural disasters are caused by Christians celebrating their holy days. One poster put up a list of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and such dating back to 1815, putting some of their dates in bold type in order to point out that many of them took place in December or April: the months of Christmas and (usually) Easter.

Another poster responded:

Assalamu ‘Alaikum
That is really interesting – all those dates do revolve around the celebrations of the kuffar.

SubhanAllahi ‘amma yasifoon wa ‘amma yushrikoon

Originally Posted by IbnMardhiyah
Maybe its just natural population control.

Maybe, but Allah (SWT) has other ways of doing that with Mercy.
It’s well known that earthquakes/and sending of Reeyaah (winds) have often been the ways Allah destroys people. Wallahu a’lam

We really need to clear this earth from Kufr, Allahumma asta’aan

Ps. Those other dates that are not bolded… maybe if the disasters were a form of punishment from Allah(SWT), then who knows, maybe the people were involved in so much shirk whch caused their ruin – e.g. from the faiths of buddhism, hinduism and chinese/japanese cults.

Maybe. But then why were so many Muslims killed? Probably, by this poster’s lights, because they weren’t energetic enough in ridding the earth of unbelievers.

Anyway, it would be interesting to know how this fellow proposes to “clear this earth from kufr.”

This post was used with the permission of Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch. You can read more of his work here.

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