The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Will Karl Rove Have To Be Suicided?

Any left-wing conspiracy nut can speculate that the Bush administration rigged the election. But, the really imaginative members of the “reality based community” can take it a step futher.

For example, these folks at the Democratic Underground not only think that the election was fixed, but that Karl Rove was behind it, and that George Bush is going to have him killed, while making it look like a suicide =D Now that’s real creativity…or pure lunacy, you can make the call…

Cronus Protagonist: Will Karl Rove have to be suicided?

Once the election fraud comes out and it’s clear Roves fingerprints are all over it, and that it leads all the way to Bush’s desk, Bush’s best defense will be a Rove “suicide” – remember the old maxim in politics – dead men tell no tales.

If left alive, Rove would have too many tales to tell.

hollowdweller: He’ll be given the Bill Casey/Lee Atwater “Brain Tumor”

AntiCoup2K4: They gave that to Reagan too, but he survived…..and then they gave him “Alzheimers” – from a needle.

Stephanie: Karl Rove should consider hari kari for crimes against humanity

bush_is_wacko: Not sure it will be JUST Rove, in the end. I’m sure though, given the history of THIS regime, he knows his head is on the chopping block. Perhaps the reason why TIME decided to put * on the cover instead. I bet Rove is paranoid as hell right now!

yurbud: Bush always blames the help.The whole “Bush’s Brain” shtick is probably partly to put the stink on him if things go terribly wrong. Rove is good at what he does, but there are a lot of pieces in play that were there before him and that he can’t control.

He’s a fat man with a small d*ck, who will get blamed for more than he actually did, and will have more suitors in prison than Ned Beatty did in Deliverance.

I do hope they tie all the black vote suppression to him though, and put him in a cell block with the brothers.

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