English Flag Found Unsafe

There is more than one reason to ban the English flag. Not only is it “offensive and racist,” but there are safety considerations:

A retired teacher says she was banned from waving her Cross of St George flag during a Proms performance on health and safety grounds.

A steward told Rosalind Hilton to put the five foot flag away during the Last Night of the Hallé Proms event at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall.

She and sister Susan Stanyard were preparing to hoist the flag above their heads for Land and Hope and Glory in the rousing finale, having unfurled the flag over the balcony by her seat. She was later told it could have been a danger to those below.

It’s as if Benny Hill took over the country and turned it into a sarcastic skit:

Ridiculing the assumption that dangling flags were dangerous, she plumped the furled-up standard on the manager’s head and asked him: “Would that really hurt if it fell on your head?”

She said the interruption last Saturday “ruined the whole evening” and commented: “Who wants to get up and sing, ‘Britons never, never shall be slaves,’ when the health and safety Nazis are making a mockery of our freedom?”

Why are flags bad, really? Because we are to revere the government, not the nation. England’s Cross of Saint George is particularly egregious because there is no English government to speak of, so its use instead of the Union Jack explicitly refers to the English nation — which won’t be around for long, if moonbattery prevails.

If it didn’t warrant respect, moonbats wouldn’t want it banned.

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