“If something is right, it’s right for everybody.”

Sarah Steelman took the high road last night on “The Glenn Beck Show” when describing how she stopped payment on a check meant to settle a sexual harassment case; she did not mention Gov. Blunt’s name in telling this story. Her account starts about 0:45 seconds into the clip:

I recognize that this is a complicated issue and one that likely does not fall only on the shoulders of Gov. Blunt. I have spoken very highly of Gov. Blunt on many occasions and I will more in the future. I do, however, feel obligated to call particular attention to Steelman’s decision to go against the Party for the sake of what’s ethical and right.

As Steelman says in this excerpt from the show last night, “If something’s right, it’s right for everybody.” Sarah Steelman has the sound judgment to know what’s right for everybody. She has my vote and my financial support. I hope she’ll have yours, too.

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Update: Let’s back up for a second. I’ll expand on this a little for any of you thinking, “Who is Sarah Steelman?” or “What in the world do Sarah Steelman and Gov. Matt Blunt have to do with each other?”

The short version is that Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulshof are neck-and-neck in Missouri right now, competing against each other to be the Republican candidate for governor. Gov. Blunt and his dad, Congressman Roy Blunt, have both endorsed Kenny Hulshof. There is speculation that the only reason they endorsed Hulshof over Steelman is because they hold a grudge against her for canceling a check from Gov. Blunt’s administration meant to settle a sexual harassment case against someone within Blunt’s administration.

Before I knew about this check situation, I would have guessed that the Blunts would certainly have endorsed Sarah Steelman. They both have solid reputations for sticking to their conservative principles and both have a great record for staying ahead of the curve when it comes to government transparency, reaching out to new media, and generally, progressing in a way that the Republican Party can and should go.

Sarah Steelman is the embodiment of the future of the Republican Party. She’s willing to ruffle feathers a little, even within her own Party, if it’s what’s right.

Update: Someone emailed me to tell me that Gov. Blunt asked the man involved in the sexual harassment case within his administration to step down. That move is to be commended, no matter how you fall in this campaign.

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