Eric Holder supports voter fraud

Attorney General Eric Holder wants illegal aliens to have the right to vote. We know he would never admit that, however by blocking legislation that simply called for all residents who wish to have their voice’s heard show a photo ID, his actions speak for themselves.

Imagine this scenario:

You are sitting in your living room watching television. You’re relaxing with your feet up after a hard days work. You crack open a nice cold beer and start munching on some chips. All of a sudden your door is broken down and someone barges into your home without being invited in. They sit down on your couch and take the remote out of your hand. If this wasn’t enough they steal your beer and eat your chips. After they have depleted your resources they just get up and leave. They had no respect for your home or your privacy.

How would you feel? Would you feel violated? Of course you would.

This is happening everyday in our country except instead of it being beer and chips it is jobs and healthcare.
I am not going to re-hash the illegal immigration issue over again, because quite frankly our government does not want to fix it. Establishment Republicans want cheap labor and the Radical Left wants illegal voters. It is for this reason that the status quo has not changed and likely won’t anytime soon.

Democrats can not win in the arena of ideas and therefore usually resort to cheating to gain an advantage, especially in close races. The worst thing that could ever happen to this country is to grant citizenship to millions of illegal aliens. If you think the economy is in bad shape now, it will never recover with that many more people dependent on government. Besides, who do you think these new voters would vote for? They would be new Democratic voters and create such a super majority that the word Republican would be as rare as a sighting of Bigfoot. If republicans ever allowed this to happen they would cease to exist as a party. It would be permanent political suicide.

Never before in the history of this country have state legislatures been so afraid of the Federal Government. A large number of states are writing legislation to protect the integrity of the voting process and are trying to pass those protections before the November election. They witnessed first hand the shenanigans that went on in 2008 with ACORN and the New Black Panther Party and are now trying to be proactive in fighting voter fraud.

The Attorney General said the reason his Justice Department is trying to block all the Voter ID Laws is because, “it would disproportionately affect the Hispanic Community’s ability to vote?” What? That is like saying you can’t drive your car drunk because you will dent up your fenders?” Neither one of these statements make any sense.

Radical Leftist’s like our attorney general are truly the enemy within. They are destroying this country from within the walls of congress and will stop at nothing to fundamentally change this country into something unrecognizable by most Americans. We can not let this happen. We must win back the white house, the senate, and hold the house. If we can accomplish this, we can stop this madness and bring about real change.

That brings me to my final point. A Romney-Rubio ticket will win. With Obama’s nasty comment, “You didn’t build that.” His petty pandering through executive order to the children of illegal immigrants, and his 44% lead among Latinos, makes the selection of Marco Rubio almost a no brainer. Can you just imagine Rubio going around the country talking to Hispanic voters telling them, “You now could have an IRS problem because of Obamacare.” He can be the ying to Romney’s yang. The attack dog that is sorely lacking. The best part about Rubio is he is somewhat “untouchable” to. The Democrats won’t be able to viciously attack him because he is a minority. The would risk alienating the Hispanic support they need to win. So in essense, they won’t be able to do what they did to Sara Palin to Rubio. The selection of Rubio will deliver Florida for sure, independents love him, and he will increase the Latino vote by 15-18%. He immediately helps Romney win Nevada, Colorado, and possibly New Mexico. Rubio is a smart, articulate, patriotic Cuban American. He has a great story and the base loves him. Now is the time to be bold, and politically smart.

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