Europe Sucks Up To The

Europe Sucks Up To The Axis Of Evil: Iran is the foremost sponsor of terrorism in the world. They’re ruled by oppressive mullahs who are desperately trying to stave off a revolution from within and fear (with good reason) a US attempt to forcibly overthrow their government. So how does Europe want to deal with one of the most dangerous and evil regimes in the world?

European Union foreign ministers on Monday gave the green light to launching formal trade relations with Iran despite heavy pressure from the US and Israel, which lobbied hard to delay negotiations or impose strict conditions.

“…Once concluded, the Trade and Co-operation Agreement could greatly boost trade between the two sides.

The EU is Iran’s main trading partner with imports from Iran totalling €8bn ($7.6bn, £5bn) in 2000 and exports to Iran over the same period amounting to €5.2bn. More than 80 per cent of EU imports consist of oil products.”

We’re in a ‘War on Terrorism’, Europe is sucking up to the world’s biggest supporter of terrorism, and yet they want to complain about us acting unilaterally? Europe wants the US and Israel to pay attention to their views on the Middle East and yet European aid and trade dollars are paying for Palestinian bombs and Iranian weapons that are being used to murder Israeli citizens. Europe is trying to play both sides against the middle and they’re getting away with it…for now. But we’re not going to forget that Europe has no intention of backing us the way we’ve backed them for the last 60 years. Mark my words, that is going to come back to bite them in dozens of different ways over the next few years.

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