The Best Thing About The

The Best Thing About The World Cup: Americans are famously non-interested in soccer which is why it’s really amusing when we beat nations that live and die based on how well they do at the World Cup. Take Mexico for example…

…after the second U.S. goal the crowd grew quiet, and as it became clear that Mexico wouldn’t recover, men began to weep and pull their team jerseys over their faces.”

“It hurts us here,” said Jose Luis Luviano, 21, punching his chest. Tears melted the Mexican flags painted on his cheeks. “There has to be an end to this disgrace where (Americans) treat us like rats and idiots.” …The United States is a country of basketball, not of soccer,” said Lucia Arango, a 20-year-old street vendor. “Destiny has played a dirty trick on us.”

Then there is the American approach to soccer…

“While Calott said he was a soccer fan, none of his five companions had ever watched a complete game before, let alone a match of the World Cup, which is held every four years.

“I wouldn’t be watching if I weren’t here,” Tate admitted. “I didn’t even know that the World Cup was every three years.”

Reading about these reactions to our wins is about 50 times more entertaining than actually watching the games would be…

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