Even If The Senate Bill Passes, It Won’t Take Illegal Immigration Off The Table For 2008

One of the arguments that has been put forth in favor of the amnesty bill in the Senate is that it would allow Republicans to get the issue off the table for 2008.

Unfortunately, that analysis is completely wrong.

Setting aside the very significant fact that this bill would lead to a Republican revolt in 2008 that would feature conservatives actively trying to defeat members of the GOP to teach them a lesson, the Z visas would guarantee this issue stayed on the front burner for years.

First of all, because of the roughly 24 hour time period that will be given to check the backgrounds of Z visa holders, there won’t be any real background checks. This means that you will be sure to see lots of stories about rapists, murderers, child molesters, and terrorists who will be handed Z visas despite extensive criminal backgrounds and/or intelligence community dossiers that show they’re connected to terrorist groups.

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Every crime committed by these people will be highlighted and brought up by opponents of illegal immigration. Combine that with the fact Z visa holders aren’t eligible for citizenship for 8-13 years and you will have a new litmus test question for every Republican candidate over the next decade, “Would you support killing the Z visa program?”

This will become every bit as important a question as, “Do you want to see Roe v. Wade overturned,” or, “Do you support gay marriage?”

So in essence, what the Republicans who support this bill in the Senate are on track to do is to make illegal immigration every bit as much of an ever present national issue as abortion over the next 10 years. Does any Republican, even Republicans who are inclined to support comprehensive illegal immigration reform, think that’s healthy for the GOP?

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