Even Some Of The Liberal Veterans Groups Don’t Support The Troops

Iraq Vets Against the War, a liberal veterans group, is actually encouraging people to prank, lie to, manipulate military recruiters in an effort to waste their time.

Some of their suggestions include,

Is your enemy the state? Befriend a recruiter and keep your friends close and your enemies closer!…

This campaign is not about (badgering?) recruiters. It is solely about making friends and finding out more about the military that you don’t trust…

Actions to take:…
Prank-call a recruiter to schedule appointments on the other side of town.
Ask a recruiter to pick you up and then tell them you’re hungry.
Ask a recruiter to take you out to eat.

This just goes to show you that even the decency and honor that’s drummed into the troops when they serve can be eaten away by the corrosive effects of liberalism.

Hat tip to Hot Air for the story.

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