There Are Fantasy Junkies Weeping In Their Cornflakes Right Now

Robert Jordan wrote some absolutely fantastic Conan novels, but he’s most famous for writing the “Wheel of Time.” We’re talking about a wildly popular, 12 book (and we’re talking long, long, books too), fantasy series.

I’ve read 10 of the books myself, but while I enjoyed the character development, I thought the series was getting slower, more tedious, and less enjoyable as it went on. So, 10 books — again, long, long, books — into the series, I gave it up.

However, there have been a lot of rabid “Wheel of Time” fans waiting for the last book, book 12…however, it’s going to be a long wait.

Author Robert Jordan Dies

The author of the massive Wheel of Time series had been suffering from cardiac amyloidosis. He was working on the 12th and final book in the series when he died due to complications from his disease.

My condolences go out to Robert Jordan’s family, friends, and all the people who read through that entire series and were waiting for that final book…

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