Excerpt Of The Day #2: McCain & Giuliani Are The Last Two Republican Presidential Contenders That Will Admit That They Support Amnesty For Illegals

“Sen. John McCain and former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani stood alone among the Republican presidential candidates in last night’s Spanish-language debate in calling for some illegal aliens to be granted a path to citizenship.

“None of us have been perfect — all of us have been struggling with this for a long time,” Mr. Giuliani said, summing up the flip-flops most of the top-tier Republican candidates have made on the issue during the presidential campaign.
Video: GOP Candidates Praise Hispanics

He and Mr. McCain said that after the border is secure, the illegal alien population can be addressed, with some being allowed to stay.

“The people who want to come forward should be allowed to come forward,” Mr. Giuliani said.” — The Washington Times

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