No, Sam Donaldson, Evangelical Christians Don’t Want A Theocracy In The U.S.

For whatever reason, more than a few Liberals who aren’t very religious have a bizarre, paranoid view of Christians that is so out of touch with reality that they make the Truthers look sane. Just to name one example, take a look at Sam Donaldson, who said this on December 9th,

“Talk about a Christian theocracy in this country, many evangelical Christians believe… that’s what we should have, that government should favor people who have the right and understand what God wants us to do.”

You know, I’m a conservative Christian who reads a lot of blogs, reads a lot of columns, and regularly chats with other conservative Christians. In my entire life, I have never spoken to another Christian who wants a theocracy in the US and I’ve never read a column or single blog post that advocates a theocracy here in the US.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a single solitary individual who believes that because you can find someone who believes just about anything and everything imaginable — from Reptilians running the planet, to the Israelis being behind 9/11, to the CIA using mind control rays to torment random people on the street — but having a theocracy here in the US isn’t a mainstream conservative belief. In fact, given that I don’t even know of anyone who advocates that position, I think it would be extremely generous to even call it a “fringe” position.

Just as a point of comparison, I think it’s safe to say that there are almost certainly more pro-pedophilia Liberals out there who believe that adults should be able to legally have sex with 9 year-olds than there are conservative Christians in this country who want this country to be a theocracy. However, if I were to imply that most Liberals were in favor of pedophilia based on the beliefs of that tiny handful of individuals, that would be just as untrue as the claim that most Evangelicals want a theocracy.

So maybe Liberals like Sam Donaldson should be a little more careful about the charges that they toss around.

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