Excerpt Of The Day: Cindy Sheehan’s Poll Numbers Don’t Live Up To The Hype

“Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mother who maintained an anti-War protest outside of President Bush’s ranch, is viewed favorably by 35% of Americans and unfavorably by 38%.

…In general, people see in Sheehan what they want to see. Opinion about her is largely based upon views of the War, rather than views about the woman herself. Democrats, by a 56% to 18% margin, have a favorable opinion. Republicans, by a 64% to 16% margin, have an unfavorable view. Those not affiliated with either major party are evenly divided.

…Among those with family members who have served in the military, Sheehan is viewed favorably by 31% and unfavorably by 48%.” — Rasmussen Reports

Knowing how liberals think, they’ll probably figure the message wasn’t the problem, it was just that Cindy Sheehan wasn’t sympathetic enough.

If that turns out to be the case, look for the next anti-war spokesman to be an orphaned puppy with a hurt foot who limps around mewling pitifully while dragging a sign that says: “Pull out of Iraq unless you want me to die”…or maybe not =D

In any case, I’m just glad Sheehan has failed to sway the American people…

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