Excerpt Of The Day: Civil Rights Today

“Like the March of Dimes’ victory against polio in the U.S., civil-rights organizations can claim victory as well. At one time, black Americans did not enjoy the same constitutional guarantees as other Americans. Now we do. Because the civil-rights struggle is over and won doesn’t mean that all problems have vanished within the black community. A 70 percent illegitimacy rate, 65 percent of black children raised in female-headed households, high crime rates and fraudulent education are devastating problems, but they’re not civil-rights problems. Furthermore, their solutions do not lie in civil-rights strategies.

Civil-rights organizations’ expenditure of resources and continued focus on racial discrimination is just as intelligent as it would be for the March of Dimes to continue to expend resources fighting polio in the U.S. Like the March of Dimes, civil-rights organizations should revise their agenda and take on the big, non-civil-rights problems that make socioeconomic progress impossible for a large segment of the black community.” — Walter Williams

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