Daily News For August 17, 2005


California: Two Men Believed To Have Been Planning September 11, 2005 Attack Arrested

U.S. Was Warned Of Bin Laden Threat In 1996, Documents Show

Roberts Unlikely To Face Big Fight. Many Democrats See Battle as Futile (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Officer Says Pentagon Barred Sharing Pre-9/11 Qaeda Data With F.B.I. (Free WAPO Reg Req.)

Bush Shown Kissing Cindy In Family Pix. Online Photographs Of Sheehans Show 1st Meeting With President

Arrest In Texas Protest Cross-Up. Waco Man Allegedly Drove Pickup Through “Camp Casey” Memorial (What A Creep)

U.S.-Born Hispanics Back Drivers’ License Crackdown

Mexico’s Fox Protests As Second US State, Arizona, Closes Border (Fox Can Shove It)

Praying School Board Compared To Terrorists. ACLU Boss Says Officials Like ‘The People Who Flew The Airplanes Into The Buildings’


17 Killed in Crash of Spanish Military Copter In Afghanistan (Free NYT Reg Req)

Troops Enter Settlements In Gaza Strip. Israeli Army Urges Evacuation As Hour Nears For Use Of Force (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Evidence Found Powerful Bombs Being Also Being Made In Iraq


Michelle Malkin: Helping Al Franken Find A Swindler

Matthew Brooks: Is “Blame Israel First” The Democrats’ Message?

Jonah Goldberg: Storm Troopers Vs. Cindy Sheehan

Byron York: Cindy Sheehan Is Her Own Worst Enemy

The Washington Times: Border-Control Democrats And President Bush

Radley Balko: Spurlock Food Scare A Super Size Scam


Virginia: People Trampled In Rush To Buy $50 Laptops

A Pendarves Farmer Sick Of People Stealing From His Rural Property Spiked A Drum Of Petrol With Sugar And Soap, Then Ran Down Thieves Who Stole It When Their Car Wouldn’t Work Properly

Confused Lions ‘Hunt’ Small Cars

The Most Idiotic Fans In Sports History In Pics

Website Of The Day: Angry In The Great White North

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