The Greatest Terrorist Threat: Babies — Satire By Frank J.

Some infants have been stopped from boarding planes because their names have been the same or similar to that of terrorists. The parents then had to produce passports to prove their babies were not terrorists. Some say this is ridiculous and babies should not be scrutinized as terrorists.

I say that this is the CRAZIEST IDEA IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND! …or at least since 204 B.C. (I forgot who said what then, but I remember it was PRETTY CRAZY!).

If babies are giving a free pass, then won’t terrorists just try to recruit babies for their missions of terror?

Of course they will! And it will be easy too, because NO ONE IS MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO BRAIN WASHING THAN A BABY!

Since babies know very little, they easily take in whatever is told them, which would include MURDEROUS RADICAL ISLAMIC IDEALS!

Even more disturbing about babies is that they HAVE NO CONCEPT RIGHT OR WRONG!

Luckily, God, in His infinite wisdom, gave babies little physical ability, because, if they could, THEY WOULD KILL YOU AND EVERYONE YOU CARE ABOUT FOR A BA-BA!

Terrorists could give them this ability!


“I have basic motor-skills and would think nothing of killing you.”

Babies should be locked in a bomb-proof container in the cargo hold of an airplane. This container should also be soundproof. I AM NOT JUST SAYING THIS BECAUSE I HATE CRYING BABIES ON AIRPLANES!

This is a national security issue.

This satire was used with the permission of Frank J. from IMAO.

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