Excerpt Of The Day: Rummy On The Aftermath Of 9/11

“… In the dark days of our revolution, George Washington’s army had been decimated in New York. A British admiral told three of our founding fathers that the revolutionaries could have peace if only they would reject the Declaration of Independence and give up their rebellion. To many it might have seemed a tempting offer. Prospects for victory seemed bleak. But those patriots refused. Their army rallied. And our country’s independence was secured.

That date was Sept. 11, … 1776. As it happens the place where those patriots refused to surrender is just minutes from the site of the World Trade Center.

Today, a vastly more vicious adversary seeks our surrender. Once again, we will refuse. And once again, our forces have rallied.

Today, history is being written by the valiant men and women of America’s armed forces, and by determined citizens who will do all they can to keep other children from experiencing the heartbreak and terror of Sept. 11.

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So today let us recommit ourselves to continuing history’s great and necessary task. And to continuing to pursue these enemies until they pose no threat to free people.

America did not wish to send soldiers abroad, but we have sent them. We did not ask for violence, but we have answered it. We did not begin this war on terror, but we will win it.

May God bless all of the families and the friends of those who lost their loved ones on Sept. 11 and in the ensuing struggle. You are in our thoughts, and in our prayers. And may God bless the United States of America.” — Donald Rumsfeld

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