Excerpt Of The Day: Rush Limbaugh On The Conservative Push-Back Over Miers

“I don’t have an agenda. I’m not trying to get (Miers) withdrawn. I’m not trying to affect the outcome of this. I’m just telling you…(the nomination) was disappointing for a whole host of reasons. The opportunity missed; the fact that it has emboldened the Democrats because it looks like it came from a position of weakness.

…I’m trying to clue you in, those of you that haven’t sensed it yet, what (the Miers’ Nomination) has triggered…is a big push-back in the conservative movement.

Let me stir the pot a little further. For five years we’ve had a great president when it comes to the war, when it comes to tax cuts, when it comes to a number of things. But there are a lot of things that as you know we’ve been scratching our heads about; nothing on immigration, campaign finance reform, letting Ted Kennedy write the education bill. All of the federal spending, doing whatever we can after the hurricane to send the message, “We’ll do whatever it takes,” meaning spend whatever it takes to keep you happy. Now, during all of this, there are some — and, by the way, let me remind you that during all this I have fielded phone calls from many of you who have been complaining royally. You know who you are. You know you haven’t liked it. But there are two things that have kept all of us steadfastly unified behind George W. Bush, the war on terror and the fact that we cannot let the left in this country gain control of national security. That’s number one, and that’s paramount. Number two: the left in general, outside of national security, they’re still kooky, and they’re mean-spirited, and they are extreme, and they are attempting to mischaracterize us and an attack on the president is an attack on us.

…This Harriet Miers thing has just brought it all to a head, folks. The Harriet Miers nomination has just brought it all to a head, and so there’s a kick-back or a push-back taking place now among conservatives who have for five years been back and steadfast and strong in defending the president because of the two things I cited. But the president’s not running for reelection again. He can’t, and I’m going to tell you what: If you think it’s bad now, wait ’til you see all the Republicans who purposely start distancing themselves from him. You’re going to see Republicans who will not want George Bush coming in to campaign for them in their local districts because they’re going to be talking a pedal-to-the-metal conservative agenda, and it’s going to be tough to sell that with nothing on immigration reform and campaign finance reform. You know all these issues. I’m not saying the loyalty is gone; I’m saying life goes on…

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…One more thing on this business that my reaction to Harriet Miers was “reflexive.”…We’ve been — conservatives have been — thinking deeply about the Supreme Court for 30, 40 years. This is one of the reasons it has been so important to get the Senate as the Republican majority and elect a conservative president, folks, because of what the court has become. You’ve heard me just go on and on and on about this, and since Harriet Miers’ nomination, nothing about the information we’ve received has changed. There hasn’t been anything new. If you ask me, the reflexive reaction is to take “trust me” as the last word. That’s being reflexive.” — Rush Limbaugh

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