Excerpt Of The Day: The Problem With Bush’s Cronyism

“If all we need is President Bush to get somebody to rule the way he wants then I could do it. I could get up there, put on my stylish robe and do Bush’s bidding. My law experience is limited to watching a few episodes of The Practice. Still, I’m capable of sitting up there, looking somber and leaning over to Scalia and saying “hey bro, which way are you going to go on this one?”

Here is the problem with that idea — most people realize that it is just inherently wrong. They realize it is inherently wrong for somebody like me to sit in that chair when other folks have put in long nights brushing up on constitutional law. They paid their dues and I didn’t. If you would realize that instead of just calling people “elitists” this whole opposition thing might make sense to you.

Even though it is a reality, people still inherently hate when somebody gets a job because of who they know vs. their qualifications. Why is this such a hard concept for you to understand? People see Miers get the Supreme Court slot and it reminds them of when they played Little League baseball and didn’t get to pitch because the coach’s son got the slot even though he wasn’t as good.” — Blackjack

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