Allen West on Obama’s Terrorist Swap: It’s Time for Articles of IMPEACHMENT!

Allen West on Obama’s Terrorist Swap: It’s Time for Articles of IMPEACHMENT!

Hurrah for Allen West calling for impeachment of Obama;


On Tuesday, as the nation remained captivated by the details of the Obama Administration’s release of five terrorists for one Army deserter, TPNN’s Tim Constantine sat down to speak with a man who knows about such things, former Congressman and Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West.

Col. West pulled no punches, blasting Obama’s failed leadership and lamenting that this is the kind of president we get when people vote for “silly bumper sticker slogans.”

“Those of us in the know and in the inner circles have known since 2009, 2010 that Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter,” Col. West claimed. “He’s not a prisoner of war and we know the circumstances; we knew there were nondisclosure agreements that members of his platoon were forced to sign and, as always, the truth is starting to come out now. This whole episode was not about a swap, it was about an out-and-out release of five senior members of the Taliban structure.”

Col. West blasted the Obama Administration for trying to quietly shift focus from the VA scandal and, in doing so, created a new scandal by releasing five terrorists described as the “Terrorist Dream Team” in exchange for a soldier who had deserted his fellow soldiers. Noting that these terrorists were not “low-level” guys, but terrorists with links to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, Col. West stated,

“How many Americans may have lost their lives or were wounded or who were sacrificed in trying to secure these five individuals?”

West outlined the need for a thorough Congressional investigation and reiterated that the House ought to draw up articles of impeachment against the president.

“I think the articles of impeachment are there because the president broke the law. I don’t care about this Article II signing statement; you can’t just pick and choose and say what’s constitutional and what’s not constitutional.

The Obama Administration has shrugged-off the release of the GITMO terrorists by claiming that U.S. forces could always recapture them, a notion that appeared to set-off Col. West.

Bring on the IMPEACHMENT! If Americans aren’t willing to push for this after Obama’s manipulations of military criminals to hide stupidity from his cabinet…. no President should be impeached for anything ever (sarcasm).

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