Family Sues Gun Club Over Negligent Death of Eight Year Old Boy Allowed to Shoot Uzi

As a parent of five children, I understand the responsibility I have for each of them. I am responsible for their health and welfare and everything that goes with it. I am responsible for good decision making that keeps them from danger. Which is why I find it repulsive that a father who not only allowed his eight year old son to handle an Uzi, but paid for the child’s opportunity to fire it, would sue the gun fair where the child fatally wounded himself:

According to the 32-page lawsuit, on Oct. 28, 2008, Charles Bizilj purchased the opportunity for his son, Christopher, to fire a Micro Uzi 9 mm that was owned by Giuffre and brought to the exposition by Spano. Giuffre and Spano were reportedly designated as “renters” at the expo, hired and solicited by Fleury to provide the weapons used by patrons.

When Christopher reportedly stepped to the line to fire the weapon, the suit alleges that Spano’s son, 15-year-old Michael Spano, was the line officer charged with loading the weapon, handing it to the participant and providing instructions on its use. While Christopher was firing, Charles Bizilj was reportedly ordered to stay clear of the area and was required to stand behind restraining ropes.

On the first and second firing attempt, the suit alleges the weapon jammed and that Spano retrieved it, cleared what he believed was a jammed round of ammunition, and handed it back to Christopher. On the third try, when the boy attempted to raise the weapon to his shoulder, the stock slid down his shoulder, causing the barrel to spin upward and discharge as Christopher tried to prevent it from falling, according to the suit.

It is terrible that this boy died, and I truly feel for the father’s loss.

However, I have to ask: who brought the boy to the “Great New England Pumpkin Shoot?” Who paid for him to shoot an Uzi? This wasn’t a gun show. It was a fair where people came to shoot automatic weapons. Charles Bizilj had to know where he was taking his son.

I know some out there might think it was the responsibility of the organizers to ensure the safety of the participants. The organizers have been charged in the death, however, doesn’t some of the responsibility fall on the father as well? Even with my limited experience with firearms, I know that handing a child an automatic weapon isn’t safe.




I have been trained that there are no accidental shootings, but there are negligent discharges. For a round to go where it isn’t meant, there has to be some negligence involved. There are lapses of judgment that could have prevented Christopher’s death, starting with the father. From the beginning, he was negligent in his duties as a father.

I guess were I in his position, I would want the blame for my son’s death to fall on another as well. It would be easier that way.

But it would be a lie.

What do you think? Tell me in the comments.

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