Father’s fiancee arrested for murder of his two-year-old daughter after covering her mouth with duct tape and ‘then faking her own rape to cover it up’

Father’s fiancee arrested for murder of his two-year-old daughter after covering her mouth with duct tape and ‘then faking her own rape to cover it up’

For the life of me I don’t get where parents find their partners. Especially ones like Monster Melinda Muniz who committed the terrible atrocity of suffocating a 2-year old child Januray 9th.

Grace Ford

A Texas woman has been arrested and charged in the death of her fiance’s 2-year-old daughter who had her mouth taped shut earlier this month. Little Gracie Ford was discovered unconscious in her father’s Plano home January 9. She was rushed to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where she was declared legally dead three days later. On Tuesday, police arrested Melinda Muniz, 25, on a capital murder charge. The woman was ordered held in the Plano City Jail on $1million bond.: 

Grace was reportedly staying in the Plano home of her father, Mitchum Ford, who lived with his fiancee, Melinda Muniz. Mr Ford reportedly had been locked in a custody battle with his ex-wife, Emily Ward, over Grace’s care, Dallas Morning News reported. According to Muniz’s arrest affidavit cited by the station WFAA, it was Ford who called police January 9 asking to perform a welfare check at his apartment. Officers who arrived at the home on J Place found Grace Ford duct taped in her crib and Muniz lying on the floor of another room with her also mouth taped shut and her pants pulled down. The affidavit states that the 25-year-old woman told police she had been sexually assaulted by an unknown man, but medical tests showed no signs of rape.

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According to a post shared by Emily Ward on her Facebook page Tuesday evening, Muniz had confessed to cheating on Ford and faking amnesia, beating herself up and lying about her rape to cover up the toddler’s murder.: Ward also wrote that the woman was caught on a surveillance camera buying duct tape and scissors at a nearby store shortly before police were called to Ford’s home. The mother’s claims were corroborated in part by the arrest affidavit, which stated that Muniz and Ford were in the process of breaking up. ‘What a monster!!!’ Ward wrote on Facebook. ‘I hope she gets everything she has coming to her from the law. God will make sure justice is served to the fullest!!!’ Grace’s family decided to donate the child’s organs ahead of her funeral held January 18.

It is grotesque to watch divorced parents invite nearly anyone into the home to partner with the care of their child. I have always told myself that once I became a parent things are no longer “about me”, and I am so grateful that the fruits of that decision are ripening now with my son 11 years after divorce. It is unfortunate for the childless parents who will come out of a travesty that could have been stopped if parents had chosen to live a traditional moral code of not having a live-in partner when a child is in the home. Tragic.

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