Fear itself

Glenn Reynolds writes:

NETWORK SOLUTIONS SHUTS DOWN A WEBSITE under Islamist pressure. I’m guessing they wouldn’t respond to complaints from Baptists quite so readily.

UPDATE: Reader Antoinette Aubert emails: “Baptists don’t blow people up for disagreeing with them. Heck Baptists don’t even sue you for disagreeing with them. Thus does multi-culturalism make cowards of us all.” Or encourage violence and litigation.

I think Glenn — law professor, right? — just just nipped a piece of the truth on the way out there. The issue is not, really, having your server blown up. In fact, this is not a realistic risk in the vast majority of cases. That risk — and the ability of Muslim extremists to carry out the threatened violence — was overstated in the past, even though the fear of it was very real.

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But litigation? Political pressure? Boycotting? Political correctness police? That is what Network Solutions is really afraid of. And for a major company to bow to that — not, in contrast, taking reasonable precautions to real threats of bloodshed — is where cowardice is, indeed, the appropriate term to use.

Already posted, digested and second-guesseded on Likelihood of Success.

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