NY GOP Looks To Ex-NFL’er For Congressional Run

With the news last week that NY GOP Congressman Tom Reynolds was calling it quits and not seeking reelection, the NY GOP has been searching for a viable candidate to run and hold the seat. The Democrats have also targeted this seat for their own.

The list of names mentioned within the political rank and file include a sitting Assemblyman and a former New York State Assembly minority leader, currently retired.

But the NY GOP is giddy with delight at the prospect of former NFL Quarterback from the Buffalo Bills Jim Kelly making a run for it:

He led the Buffalo Bills to four consecutive Super Bowls, and in 2002 was inducted into the pro football Hall of Fame. Could Jim Kelly soon add “Congressman” to his resume? Why not? Political office worked out pretty well for another former Bills quarterback named Jack Kemp.

Congressman Tom Reynolds’ decision not to seek a 6th term is leading to a lot of speculation over which Republicans may run. The short list includes Assemblyman Jim Hayes, and former New York State Assembly minority leader Charles Nesbitt who is retired, but wanting to get back into the game.

So they want Kelly, but does Kelly want them:

Two years ago, Kelly told 13 WHAM News that Republicans had approached him to run for Erie County Executive. But he said, County politics was not for him. ‘Nah, I ain’t going small, I’m going to go right to the top,” Kelly said. “No, if I’m going to do anything it’s either Senator or Congressman.” Turns out he didn’t run for either, at that time.

Big name and lots of money to be sure, but what positions does he hold? Does he have the knowledge about current events to be able to pull this off and be considered a viable candidate?

Does the name Jack Kemp ring a bell?, former Quarterback for the same Buffalo Bills.

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