Fiesty Filipinos Who Are Frazzled By Frivolous Funster Jay Leno =D

Oh no! It seems that some of our “valuable” Filipino “allies” are a bit cheesed that Jay Leno mocked them for turning tail and running from Iraq. Here are the jokes Leno made the expense of the Philippines

“One night, he said: “A new world record has been set in the 100-meter dash. It was set by Filipino troops fleeing Iraq.”

The next night, poking fun on the size of the Filipino contingent, at 51, the smallest:

“Fifty-one? R. Diddy has a bigger posse than that. Come on, Everybody in the Humvee. We’re leaving.” Diddy is Sean R. Diddy Combs, a rap artist.”

Now here’s some of the reaction from furious Filipinos…

“The joke hit the Filipinos right where it hurts most — the Filipino pride for bravery. And at the time when the Filipinos were not in the mood for joke. Opposition senators and leftists joined administration leaders in castigating Leno.

…By pulling out from Iraq, did the Philippines sever her alliance with the US and the members of the “coalition”? I don’t think so. More than any other member of the “coalition,” the Philippines is a strategic partner of the US in fighting terrorism in Southeast Asia.

…As reported in today’s (July 19) papers, Washington will reexamine its ties with Manila. That was expected. But it will be a petty decision for Washington to drop the Philippines as an ally in the war against global terrorism and phase out her assistance to the Philippines.”Patricio P. Diaz

“Our reaction is not one of anger but pity because of Leno’s crass ignorance of Filipino values. My advice to him: Go and jump in the Pacific Ocean!”Fr. Bel San Luis

THE President’s spokesman, Ignacio Bunye, wasn’t laughing at US talk show host Jay Leno’s quip that Philippine peacekeepers established a world speed record in their withdrawal from Iraq.

“Our courage has been demonstrated in [the World War II battlegrounds] Bataan and Corregidor and every other field where we have fought,” Bunye told RMN radio on Saturday. “All we can say is that what is first and foremost is the national interest of the Philippines.”

The leftist group Pamalakaya, which has opposed the US-led war against Iraq, demanded an apology for the “gross national slur against the Filipino people who have expressed and exercised their sovereign will to save the life of de la Cruz and denounce the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.”

You know why Jay Leno’s little quips hit such a raw nerve? Because they know he’s right. Americans are pouring blood and treasure into the Philippines to help them deal with Abu Sayyaf terrorists. What did they do in return? They sent a piddly 51 Filipino troops over to Iraq to help us. Whoop dee doo. The only thing the Philippines was good for in Iraq was giving the State Department another nation to toss off when they talked about the members of our multinational coalition. So be it.

Then a Filipino gets kidnapped and they run like scalded dogs. Yeah, they saved the hostage’s life. But, how many other people are going to be kidnapped by terrorists who want to see if they can roll other nations the same way they did the chumps in the Philippines? Furthermore, what’s to keep the homegrown Filipino terrorists & thugs from kidnapping everybody they can get their hands on and trying to force the government to give in to their demands? It worked once right? Why not twice? In fact, it has already started

“Taking advantage of the government’s changed stance against terrorism, the New People’s Army said it would not release the soldiers it captured until the government suspends all military and police operations in the Bicol region.”

Yeah, giving in to the terrorist’s demands was pure genius, huh?

All I can say is, “Thanks guys, we’ll remember how you ‘stuck by us’ when the going got tough”. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to bring this back up with the Philippines one day when they need a favor from the world’s only superpower…

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