Fifteen Blogs That Have Been On A Roll

Fifteen Blogs That Have Been On A Roll: For no other reason than because I can, I thought I should link just SOME of the blogs that I have found to be particularly entertaining &/or informative as of late. By the way, if I didn’t mention your blog, don’t take it personal. These sorts of lists change all the time…oh, and if you’re already an “A List” blogger, I didn’t bother linking you. People like Lileks & Charles Johnson are big because they’re constantly “on a roll” and people already know about them. So here’s the list & you may want to take a gander at these blogs…

DANEgerus’ Weblog
Dean’s World
Electric Venom
Gut Rumbles
HobbsOnline A.M.
Inoperable Terran
Joyful Christian
One Hand Clapping
Right We Are
Roger Simon
Social Reject
The Yale Diva
Zogby Blog

I’d also like to put in a special word for Technorati. That website allows you to see who’s linking your blog and puts a timeline on it. I found that to be very interesting because more than a few of the blogs listed aren’t showing up in my statistics tracker. So either it’s just missing them somehow or these blogs aren’t sending me enough traffic to make the list. But in any case, Technorati is helping me find a lot of linkage to articles on RWN that I was totally unaware of before. That’s good for me and good for these bloggers because it’ll lead to more links from RWN going out to small blogs that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about. You’d be surprised how many “websites of the day” and outgoing links from RWN were the result of me seeing a URL in the stats and checking out the page to see what they wrote about RWN. Technorati has now helped me improve on that process.

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