RWN’s Favorite Muhammad Ali Quotes

RWN’s Favorite Muhammad Ali Quotes: When I was a kid, I absolutely LOVED Muhammad Ali. He was one of my heroes then…and he still is. I actually have an autographed pic of the champ in my room staring at me even as I write this intro for the his quotes.

Now I know a lot of people don’t like Ali for very legitimate reasons. He joined the anti-white/anti-semitic Nation of Islam back in the sixties and then he refused to go to Vietnam. In his defense, I will say that Ali later left the Nation of Islam and whatever you think of his decision not to go Vietnam, he was at least genuine in his beliefs. Even though the military eventually offered to simply let him fight exhibitions rather than Vietcong, he turned them down and that cost him his heavyweight title, his income, turned the majority of the American public against him, and he even risked going to jail. Ali was willing to suffer for his beliefs in ways today’s whiney celebrities can’t even begin to comprehend.

Despite those bad decisions, Ali is a uniquely American success story. Here’s a guy who started with nothing, got rich, and became a beloved celebrity across most of the planet. Furthermore, people forget that Ali was an underdog in some his biggest fights. For example, against Sonny Liston he was a 7 to 1 underdog and few people believed he could beat George Foreman at the, “Rumble In the Jungle”. Last but not least, you have love someone who has the guts to tell you he’s the best that ever lived and then backs it up when it counts. Again, there’s just something so American about that.

Well that’s enough lauding of Ali…for now. Here’s Ali at his boasting, bragging, best. Read and enjoy! (Cont)

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