Football & Judges

Any diehard footballs fans out there who love nothing better than sitting around on Sunday with a few friends and watching a game? Well, if that describes you, let me ask you a question: how much attention do you pay to referees? If you’re like the average fan, you may complain about a bad call here or there, but that’s about the extent of it. Certainly most fans don’t know the names of the refs or get concerned about who the league appoints to work a certain game.

But, let’s consider a different scenario: let’s say you’re an Oakland Raiders fan and they’re playing the Carolina Panthers. The Raiders are up by 3 with thirty-five seconds to go in the 4th quarter and they’ve got the Panthers pinned on their own 15 yard line. The Panthers hike the ball and the quarterback uncorks a bomb to a receiver who somehow has gotten 1 on 1 deep down the field. But then, the Raiders get a lucky break! The Panthers’ receiver trips and falls & the Raider cornerback intercepts the ball and runs it all the way back for a touchdown which gives the Raiders a 10 point lead! You think the game is as good as over…but then something funny happens. One of the refs calls “No Tripsies” and says that if the Panther receiver wouldn’t have fallen down, he would have caught the ball and ran it in for a touchdown. The ref then waves off the Raider touchdown and awards 7 points to the Panthers! That leads to the Raiders losing the game. (Cont)

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