Three Cheers For The New Pope!

I’m not a social conservative or a Catholic, so here’s all I have to say about Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger becoming the next Pope:

#1) If someone as openly hostile to religious people as Andrew Sullivan is furious about Ratzinger becoming Pope, then that’s obviously a sign that he’s a great choice. The only way it could get any better for Ratzinger would be if the ACLU issued a press release denouncing him.

#2) All this talk about “modernizing the church” seems to miss the point. Fads come and go, but the church endures in part because it changes glacially, if at all. The church is supposed to set a timeless standard, not respond to polling data or try to accommodate social trends. Show me a church that is determined to “change with the times” and I’ll show you a church that is likely dying.

*** Update #1 ***: WuzzaDem has created the “Sullivan Alert Level” to monitor Sully’s fragile emotional state =D:

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