Forced to have sex with 60 men a day, tattooed with the name of their pimps: Human trafficking victims tell of their torture at hands of three brothers who ‘treated them like property’

Forced to have sex with 60 men a day, tattooed with the name of their pimps: Human trafficking victims tell of their torture at hands of three brothers who ‘treated them like property’

For some unlucky women each day is a horror filled nightmare of helplessness at the hands of violent slimy men, like these 3 brothers Benito Lopez-Perez, Anastasio Romero-Perez and Jose Barrientos-Perez [pictured below] who treat women like chattle.

sex trafficking trio brothers

Victims of a sex trafficking trio of brothers from Mexico have finally spoken out about the horrors they faced while held captive. A woman named Carmen, who was forced into sex slavery at just 14-years-old, and another unnamed woman were taken from a Mexican town fast becoming infamous for being the source of unwilling prostitutes. The two women told the New York Daily News their life in New York was ‘hell,’ and that they were forced to have sex with dozens of men each day.

‘I can only describe my life in New York as five years in hell,’ said Carmen.

The three brothers who captured her and dozens of others have been sentenced to jail for pimping out and abusing the women, Carmen was pimped out by 35-year-old Benito Lopez-Perez.

‘From the day I arrived in New York until the day I escaped, Benito forced me to work seven days a week,’ she said. ‘I was just merchandise for him. His associates, his clients treated me as an animal.’

Carmen was ferried around the tri-state area and forced to have sex with men in their homes and with seasonal workers in rural areas of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, she testified in court, according to the paper. The depraved pimp forced her to have sex with as many as 60 men in one day.

‘At the end of the day I was bleeding and in great pain caused by these men,’ she recalled, adding that he would savagely beat her if she wasn’t out earning money. Carmen hoped her tormentor would beat her to death.

‘I was upset because he hadn’t killed me and that I had to live another day of torture,’ she said.

The other victim was forced by Anastasio Romero-Perez, 50, to tattoo his name on her stomach, she told the paper. She was his property. Another brother, Jose Gabino Barrientos-Perez, 50, was in on the scheme, but only found guilty of stashing hookers in various apartments in the city’s five boroughs.

The three brothers come from the south-central Mexican town of Tenancingo. It was once referred to by the BBC as ‘the town sex trafficking built.’
A Mexican charity cited by the BBC estimated that 1,000 of the 10,000 people living in the city are sex traffickers, and various other reports have discovered a ‘pipeline’ of indigenous Mexican women smuggled into New York from Tenancingo. It is that background that led the brothers’ lawyer to claim in court that Lopez-Perez ‘is not a monster,’ but victim of circumstance.

‘Perhaps because we never had the opportunity to be anything better in life,’ Romero-Perez claimed during his trial. He and Lopez-Perez were locked up for 18 years, their elder brother received 10 years. The trio will be deported at the end of their sentences.

It is no wonder that the sex trafficking industry is soaring,: as the pornography industry continues to grow. There is only so long a sex addict can hide in front of a computer before their voracious addiction seeks out something more tangible.
As the mother of an 11 year old last year, I heard some stats that shook me. 2: in 3 boys have seen porn by the time they are 11 and only 3% of boys have not seen porn by the time they reach 18. Many studies revealed that watching porn affects the bio chemistry of an adolescent; porn infiltrates the addiction centers of teens more strongly than that of adults. I discovered that an epidemic of depression and addiction is rising among young boys as a result. This rise in sexual addictions at this early age will inevitably contribute to sex slavery. Fight this on your own turf! Muster the courage to discuss pornography with your young child, don’t wait.

After getting those stats,I picked my son up from school, took him to ice cream and had a very frank discussion about naked women and porn. I started out with sharing the stats and effects of porn on the chemistry of the brain ie actual physical reaction.: My son was filled with relief to hear that he wasn’t alone in his curiosity. I told him that his feelings of curiosity about women are totally natural but need to be curbed. I gave him some important rules to protect himself: against porn:
1. If you see an image that you feel compelled to click on- turn off the computer/TV immediately
2. Get up from the computer/TV.
3. Get a glass of cold water.
4. Increase your activity by taking a walk, singing a song: or other physical activity to: use up energy and concentration.
5. Talk to: someone if you can’t stop thinking about it.
Those steps above will work for anyone at any age. Porn is a drug that releases chemicals to the body creating addictive behavior, triggers: loneliness, depression and: creates a : skewed description of intimacy that can damage current and future relationships.

I need to add some of my research for parents. On Pokémon type: websites the ads will take your children to cartoon porn. My son has not clicked onto this but you should definitely make your kids aware and make the rule to NEVER click on sidebar ads. Here is a picture of one:

Porn for children

Clicking on the ad strip: like those above: will lead you or a small child or this site :

It offers your child games like naughty teacher or naughty babysitter. You play tricks on the women to lift their skirt or: trick them in compromising situations and positions. The graphics are obviously created for children and meant to lead children there but the maturity level are for adults. The purpose is to stir sexual feelings and increase kids curiosity. I have seen these sidebars only on children websites, my son is not allowed to visit websites with these ads. As a parent you should set a rule for yourself to never let your child on internet out of your eyesight.

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