Frank Discussions: Democratic Presidential Candidates By Frank J

Frank Discussions: Democratic Presidential Candidates By Frank J: Sometimes you feel like a nut (Democrat primary), sometimes you don’t (general election). So which Democrat candidate will be nutty enough to win the primary, winning that hearts of the Democrat base of drooling idiots? And will he make himself too nutty to be viable in the general election?

To find these answers I talked to the candidates themselves.

* * * *

John Kerry:

Frank: Being a haughty, French-looking man from Massachusetts, what do you think makes you qualified to be president?

Kerry: Well, having served in Vietnam…

Frank: Everyone knows you served in Vietnam. You don’t have to keep mentioning it.

Kerry: Sorry, but having served in Vietnam…

Frank: See, there you go again. Anyway, you said the president lied to you about the war, but you voted with him, which seems to mean you fell for it. Since so many people think President Bush is dumb, how dumb does that make you? Does that affect either your haughtiness or your French-lookingness?

Kerry: Well, serving in Vietnam…

Frank: Is this like a form of Tourette’s syndrome?

Kerry: Vietnam! Me served in!

Frank: So, what is your military experience, if any?

Kerry: Uh… well… Bush’s tax cuts were for the rich.

Frank: Nice talking to you.


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