Nuclear Bombs Knocked Down The WTC

Nuclear Bombs Knocked Down The WTC: The kooks at Serendipity have a novel theory to explain what happened on 9/11. It seems that WTC may have been destroyed by small nuclear weapons. Here’s their theory of what happened on 9/11…

“(A)lthough some kind of “black” technology may have been used in the demolition of the Twin Towers, we do not need to establish this, since their collapse can be explained as a controlled demolition brought about by explosives.

…So if most of the energy of the falling debris was dissipated and was not the cause of the major spikes in the seismic record then what was? Perhaps massive explosions in the lowest (level -7) basements of the Twin Towers, besides the supporting steel columns where they met the Manhattan bedrock? Perhaps even small nuclear explosions?

…This, together with numerous small explosives detonated at every ten or so levels of the supporting steel columns, would explain one observation which the official story does not explain: Why were the lower parts of the massive supporting steel columns not left standing after the collapse?

Well then why crash planes into the WTC?

“Since the Twin Towers could be brought down by the use of explosives, why bother to crash commercial jets into them? The reason is that the demolition expertise required is certainly beyond the capabilities of any Arab terrorists (especially if nuclear devices were used). Had the Twin Towers simply been demolished in the way that they were then many questions would have been asked as to how this happened. A story that Arab terrorists detonated explosives which completely destroyed the buildings would not withstand criticism, so some other “plausible” explanation for the collapse of the towers had to be provided and this was done in the form of the plane impacts and subsequent fires.”

What happened to the Pentagon then?

“An examination of the evidence, as above and as done in other websites, shows that (i) the Twin Towers were not brought down by the plane impacts and the fires but rather by massive explosions and (ii) what caused the damage to the Pentagon was certainly not a Boeing 757 but more likely an F-16 jet or a cruise missile.”

So who’s responsible?

“The enormity of the atrocity of the attack on the Twin Towers is made worse by its being perpetrated, not by external enemies of America, but from within – by a secret group of traitors who may be American-born but who care nothing for American national pride since for them control of the U.S. is just a means toward total control of the planet. For at least forty years this group of traitors (most of whom are present or former occupants of the White House or are working or have worked in those U.S. government organizations whose activities are hidden behind a cloak of “national security”, or are high-level military officers) has controlled the U.S. government by subversion of its democratic institutions, has manipulated a gullible American population and the political leadership of other countries by the skillful use of propaganda (with the help of shamelessly compliant – and Jewish-dominated – “news” organizations)…

The machinery of the New World Order is already in place. The Office of Homeland Security (and its Stasi-plan for making 5% of the American population informers upon the rest) is only the most public manifestation of it….While most of the citizens of the United States remain as ignorant as sheep (mostly because they don’t wish to know) their cryptofascist government is hell-bent on taking control of the entire globe by the use of its military forces. All countries, if they are not already, will soon be under the threat of annihilation by a supposedly invincible American military superiority. At the same time the U.S. secret government, the prototype for a global dictatorship, will be extending its Satanic legal system (including civil asset forfeiture laws) to the entire world either by forcing all other countries to sign “treaties” committing them to (in effect) submit themselves to American legal jurisdiction or by ensuring the dominance of fascist elements within other governments. And with control of Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil (if the U.S. achieves this) all other countries will have to submit to American demands or see their people go hungry (like much of the world already does) and cold in winter (with rioting in the streets put down by the usual brutal methods). Welcome to the New World Order – what they used to call “The Thousand-Year Reich”.”

Know what their Alexa Ranking is? 45,763 — conspiracy theories sell on the net.

Meanwhile, back in the real world we get career employees in the State department, disgruntled Colonels, intelligence agency bureaucrats, and Democratic staffers leaking classified information to the papers every day of the week. Hell, we can’t even invade another country without having the invasion plans show up in the New York Times in advance.

Given all that, how can anyone possibly believe that there’s some massive conspiracy pulling the strings or that we could lace the WTC with explosives and even nuclear weapons without it getting out to the world? How these people think — or rather don’t — simply boggles the mind.

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