Gary Trudeau & The Redundant National Guard Witness

The latest Democrat to try to beat the flayed, desiccated, husk of the horse that was the AWOL charges against George Bush is Gary Trudeau of Doonesbury fame.

Trudeau notes a dental exam that Bush had in Jan of 1973 at Dannelly Air National and says,

“So don’t let the smear artists define the president. If you personally witnessed George W. Bush reporting for drills at Dannelly Air National Guard Base between the months of May and November of 1972 we want to hear about it. Help Mr. Bush put this partisan assault on his character behind him, so he can focus on more serious issues like jobs, the deficit and the coming civil war in Iraq. Just contact us below with the salient details. If we think you’re a possible winner, we’ll get back to you pronto. Good luck to all contestants!”

When I first heard about this, I assumed that this had to be old because there’s no way Trudeau could be ignorant enough of the facts to post this today. But no, it’s still up on his website.

This puzzles me not only because the Bush administration has already released documents proving that he met his service requirements in 1972, but because John Calhoun has already publicly come forward and said that he served with Bush in Alabama. Will Trudeau pay out if Calhoun contacts him or would he weasel out of it?

If the mainstream media wasn’t so biased against conservatives they would have treated this story like the joke it was from day 1. After all, the military never declared Bush to be a deserter or AWOL. But instead, we’ve been treated to constantly moving goal posts. Originally when this story broke big at the Boston Globe back in 2000, the claim was that Bush didn’t serve for 17 months. Then the New York Times revealed that Bush actually served in 9 of those 17 months that the Globe missed. Fast forward to 2004 and the issue comes up again. First the media demanded more details and evidence that Bush served and it was provided. Then they demanded Bush release his records and provide witnesses. Boom, they got it. Now the left is STILL desperately trying to find some way to keep this story alive. Give it up already…

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