Germany Loves Obama And Hates America

Germans demonstrate their awesome insight once again:

The Pew Global Attitudes Project, published last month, showed that 66 per cent of Germans had unfavourable views of the US and that China and Russia had more interest than Washington in Germany’s point of view. The sheer animosity towards America was displayed recently in sneering media reviews of the new, admittedly uninspiring, US embassy building in Berlin. A serious conservative newspaper identified the building’s roof terrace as a “spa and water-boarding zone”, referring to US military abuse of prisoners.

Not that I give a baboons red butt about what Germans think about America’s leaders or anything, because I don’t. What I find interesting is that these erudite socialists more closely identified with China and Russia. The latter is hilarious considering how Russia would just as soon cut off oil to Europe to ever so subtly influence European politics. In essence, as Gerhard Schroeder proved, Germany is Russia’s lapdog and the Germans have more warm fuzzies for them than America.

Idiots. And here’s further proof of their idiocy:

The embarrassment in Berlin masks the fact that almost every corner of the German political establishment now, with varying degrees of openness, wants Obama to win. The press call it “Obamania”. The only reservations about Mr Obama are that he may be “too idealistic” — the Germans found it very difficult to deal with another Democratic idealist, Jimmy Carter — and that he may pay no more than lip service to the principles of free trade. But in most other respects he ticks every box in the checklist of Chancellor Merkel, who has already scheduled a meeting with the senator.

The Germans found it difficult to deal with another Democratic idealist, huh? Well, I can think of a socialist idealist they love, love, loved. The Germans have been notoriously lacking in judgment when it comes to the leaders they choose. And they have chosen Obama. I’m just saying….

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